The Fastest Street Car in San Diego?
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Fastnuf gets a new bullet!

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The Fastest Street Car in
San Diego?

Probably not, There is truth in the old saying "There is always someone out there faster". Fastnuf isn't a race car, It doesn't carry a four link, 14x32's or a minature radiator and electric water pump. FASTNUF is a TRUE street car and is driven to work, cruise spots and the strip, unlike other SO-CALLED street cars that have to be towed around the block on a stretcher

FASTNUF is a 1964 Chevy Nova SS with fiberglass doors, hood, trunk lid, bumpers and seats. (It does have a full interior)It uses 11" 4 wheel disc brakes to bring it to a stop after those 150 MPH passes. The rear is a Currie Enterprises aluminum piece with a Strange aluminum center section carrying a light weight spool and 4.11 gears. Rolling stock consists of 30x10.5 Mickey T E.T. Streets in back and Firestone 165SR15's up front. Traction is aided only by CalTrac bars and adjustable AVO shocks in the rear and Koni 90/10's up front with spherical bearings in the lower control arms and Del/Alum bushings in the top.